Friday, August 29, 2008

Shadowrun Duels! Batman Legos! Harley Quinn with a GIANT Mallet! Penguins with guns!

The long lost Shadowrun Duels mini-clix get a mention with New Batman Legos including Batman, Robin, Joker, Harley Quinn, Mr Freeze, Penguin, little Penguin Helpers WITH GUNS, and generic Henchman!

All this and more, if the price is right! Another great NRFB Toy Review (ok, it's the first REAL one), hopefully you enjoy. First time EVER editing/rendering a video. I know my bottom logo is abit off, will fix in future but for now, it'll do! Coming Soon...THEME MUSIC! *snickers*

Click Here for more info on Shadowrun Duels

Pretty hard to find, retail for $15-20, sometimes you can grab for $6-8 via auction!

Check Amazon Prices or Check eBay Prices

As for Lego Batman, I don't see anything on eBay yet...but incase you don't read this right away, I'll leave a link for you to check. I checked Amazon, they have some base sets selling for $30 but Toys'R'Us online has the same ones for $11! They are also having a big 'free shipping' sale on some items. I am NOT a Toys'R'Us Affiliate (3% isn't even worth the time it takes to link!) so I can't guaruntee how long this link is valid, but click here to see what is up.

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