Saturday, April 18, 2009

Want to get some free toys? Know how to photoshop?

Hi there! As usual, I am trying to advance the quality of the items I sell and need some help. I came up with a quick measuring tool for my miniatures and realised that it could be useful for a variety of toys!!! I have a quick job for someone...if you have avid photoshop and math skills, and would like some FREE TOYS, click for more.

Ok. Basically I want to combine these sorta...

I don't want SKELETONS thou. I want TOYS! I think if you use the full width of the paper you could put 5 rulers. First a 1" army man, a 2" Lego figure, next a classic 4.5" GI Joe, next 7" Marvel Legends, finally a 9" Star Trek maybe? If only room for 4, cut out army man. Sizes are rough estimate but you know what I mean. My logo/font on top and look "pretty". I don't want too many colors to distract from what i'm taking pictures of. That image I have there is actually like 6" just cause I wanted to scaled to view. Simple issue of using a ruler in your photo editor and draw a line across for each inch from 1-8".

If anyone wants the job...well, let's make it fun! Make it up, submit it via comment, and if I choose your entry you will get a $15 certificate to use at or a $5 gas card! ... That's all I got handy :). Enjoy!

This is what I made...and I like it alot more then I thought I would... Anyone else have some ideas? Let's see em!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Entertainment Earth! Big Sale! Big Deals! Big...PUPPETS!

I was threatened with 'bonk'age over twitter for not mentioned EE happenings. I'm unsure if I should be afraid or slightly aroused by this threat, but either way, something SHOULD be mentioned, right?

There is too much too list actually...and time is limited as always, so if I had only ONE item to pick from all the sales on Buffy, Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings... My toy pic of the day is... ( FULL REVIEW!)

Star Trek Tek Classic PhaserWith the incredibly awesome Star Trek movie coming out soon, everyone needs at least 2 of these...1 for you, and another for you for when the first one gets knocked out of your hand during an epic struggle to get in line for a ticket at your local cinaplex.

Star Trek Tek Classic Phaser Description:

  • Authentic phaser with detachable mini hand phaser. Yes!
  • Adjustable lights and sounds.
  • "Stun" all your trekkie friends! (my girl giggled at this...nerd)

This phaser is "stunning"! It's the original 2-in-1 design with detachable mini hand phaser. This officially licensed Star Trek series weapon features a Type-1 mini hand phaser that separates from the Type-2 pistol. For maximum authenticity, it's a full-scale reproduction modeled after the initial Star Trek prop. With realistic beam lights, sound effects, and adjustable power settings, this awesome replica is one of our best-selling items. You need one and so do all your friends. But remember: Always treat phasers as if they were fully loaded with nadions-- it's fun until someone puts an eye out!

To activate the sound, you must remove the plastic display tab and turn on the hand phaser. (This is done by clicking the far right dial forward toward the front of the pistol.) To trigger the lights, rotate the front dial forward.

Order Star Trek Tek Classic Phaser from Entertainment Earth!

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