Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Warcraft Figures Part 1

Over the next few days, i'm focusing on something real fun. WoW - World of Warcraft Action Figures!!! I have not gotten these in myself...but they are being done by DC Direct, which has made some of most lovely figures...2nd on to McFarlane! So, here is a few quick shots!

Dwarf Warrior

Orc Shaman

Blood Elf Rogue

Undead Warlock

Hard items to find in stores and even then $30 or so, but i've scene them on eBay for < $20. Good Luck!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Danger Girls Fish Tank LIMITED Edition set!

These three ladies have a brand-new sculpted base, and are available in this light-up collector's "fish tank" display case. Set includes Abbey Chase, Sydney Savage, and Natalia Kassle, each with a weapon and multiple points of articulation.

Yes...fishtank... You could literally put a fish in this thing, ok? It is the coolest action figure box EVER!!! The team at McFarlane had such a awesome idea! The figures themselves are perfectly detailed Danger Girl. ... My beta would LOVE to be in there, HEHE!

This is one of the fun items I found at auction. One of many I shall be showing you, ENJOY!

How do you like my advertising? Google adwords and adsense annoy me, adbrite is good in THEORY but it has such HORRIBLE loading time. Projectwonderful is fun. Those are the buttons on top with skyscaping banners on the right. It's really NO money...I mean, maybe $.50 a day even with 3000 views a day... But it advertises alot of indy online comics and/or clothes shops. Not major money, but it's content related...

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Hang this from your tree!!!

I hit a great toy auction today! Picked up a ton of items!!! Will be posting them soon on my ebay store, but there is over 200 some items...Star Wars, STar Trek, TV guides, a few comics, and some REALLY awesome Batman figures.

I will review items I bought tomorrow...Let's review the items I LOST at auction! Here is my top 3 Ornaments (toyish related)!!! Great thing is, after christmas, click on the pictures to grab these items CHEAP!!!

Hallmark makes the best ornaments! Plus, they worked with the design, having Batman 'hanging on' to the tree! This is the 1994!

"Where's the KABOOM?!" ... That is all. (Hallmark 1996)

2005 Hallmark! Again, the design works with the fact that it will be hanging. This new coloring they have on their Spiderman ornament really sticks out, specially with a white tree!

Yea, I know, I should have posted this 3 weeks back, HAHAHA! Later peeps!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Be a bratty star! ...

My Opinion (the only one that matters) = Ok, it's Bratz...the concept I never really liked. And the pets look like they were put through the washing machine, and dried in the microwave... BUT...the outfits are a very nice design, the least 'slutty' Bratz outfits i've seen. ... And that's all i have to say!

The gorgeous Bratz girls are now starring in their very movie and are centre of attention wherever they go. Luckily they have all been pampered top to toe and dressed to the nines so they are all ready for their big film premiere and that red carpet appearance. The collection features the four original characters Cloe, Yasmin, Jade and Sasha and each one has their own style and glamorous dress to show off.

Each doll comes with a real working camera so you can catch them in action, a mini handbag sparkly like their dress, a stunning jacket and a hair brush in case it's a windy night! The dolls in this Movie Stars collection have much more posable bodies than previous Bratz ranges so they can stop and post for the paparazzi in a number of different positions.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Exo Force... Legos meet Manga!

They didn't just make LEGOS...they made a complete world when they came out with this set. The Legos Exo Force Collection!

The story was actually very good. Your basic future where humans had great technology, and evil robots rebel...action ensues! The story arc followed the humans learning to use their 'battle machines' to combat the evil robots. Each person had a strong japanese name with meaning behind it and the sets you could build had cool names like Thunder Fury (pictures to the left) or Fire Vulture! One of my favorite features was...COMBINING MECHS! Certain mechs could be combined to form larger 'mega' versions! Considuring you had two seperate created, free moving lego MECHS that would form into one with little re-building, I thought that was quiet impressive.

Along with the toys, there was a great protional team involved. Firstly, you had a regular online comic that detailed the happenings of this lego sci fi world. Then, you had a slew of short 2 minutes cartoons shown on primary childrens stations like Nickelodeon! They even commissioned one of the primary designs of the Macross anime series to design combination models. These are hard to find now adays, but check around online to see what you can dig up!

"Time to Power Up!"

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Halo 3 + McFarlane! What more could you want?

What could be cooler then that title? ... I tell you... NOTHING! Check out some just released photos from this awesome coop of ultimate toy maker meets ultimate game. Here is a few sneak peaks!

Release dates flux between March and June. There are a few selling Pre-Orders via auction for those who NEED to know they will recieve one.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Isacc Asimov's wet dream

Product Info : The Lego Mindstorms NXT building kit is the newest and most advanced kit that allows you to build and bring to life a humanoid, vehicle, or animal robot. Using over 519 interchangeable Lego blocks and an icon-based drag-and-drop software program, the Lego Mindstorm NXT will obey your every command. Using Bluetooth technology, once you have your robot built and programmed, you'll be able to command it from your computer, cell phone, or PDA.

This amazing gadget can hardly be considered a toy, but will bring endless amounts of enjoyment to almost any kid or kid at heart. The Mindstorm NXT features improved light sensors that can detect different colors and intensities. It also has a sound sensor that will allow you to make your robot respond to sound commands, patterns, and tones. Its improved touch feature senses and reacts to touch and release, and its ultrasonic eyes measure distance and respond to movement.

You will be amazed at how life-like and obedient your Mindstorm NXT robot can be. The program to command your robot is PC and MAC supported. It requires Win XP Pro or Home Edition with Service Pack 2 or higher, MacOS X v. 10.3.9 or 10.4. The only other thing you need is 6AA batteries and you'll be able to build the ultimate Lego creation.


My Opinion : It's slave labor!!! Seriously, people with too much free time could find a TON of things to do with these guys...infact, the possibilities scare me. Myself, I would make it feed my cats! ... My cats would probaly reprogram to overfeed them thou... You have an opinion? Let Me Know!

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