Sunday, May 24, 2009

Q&A cause I'm bored!

I've had alot of new people added lately to my Myspace, eBay blog, Blogspot, and whatever other RSS feeds I got and they keep asking questions...they want to know me! I've been on computers sense I was 4, I've been on a nationwide network of computers before internet existed...maybe the whole facination is gone with getting to know 'virtual people'. Granted, I have met some great people with the computer, but i've never blog stalked... ... oh wait...there was that one time... ... Nevermind *laugh*.

Q: Why start a toy store?
A: Growing up, I had a slinky and I was proud to have it! ... I'm living my second freakin childhood here! I have multiple rooms with wall to wall toys. I have wind up pacman toys...I got to play with a fully assembled Voltron that was made the same year I was born! ... I got a Chuck Norris action figure. What nerd wouldn't want this life?

Q: Did you always want to run a business?
A: I've always wanted to do something 'eventful'...PCD = Productive Compulsive Disorder... If I got more then X amount of hours without doing something to better it ebay, exercise, read a book, meditate...SOMETHING. I go alittle stir crazy.

Q: Is this your fulltime business?
A: Sort of. It is my primary source of income, but I only spend 10-15 hours a week on it. My secondary job takes most of my time... ... but within the next few months that job will either be paying better or my hours severely cut so I can get back into my toys!

Q: How/why did you get into toys?
A: I use to hit the flea market ALOT setting up. Started with around the house items, then straight martial art equipment, then KEYCHAINS (until the keychain rack fell on my head and caused bleeding)... I hit an auction and picked up a mix of items. Mostly old books, some comics, then a handful of old McFarlane toys. The latter sold out instantly... Then I saw some kids walking around with some cards, I asked about them and what they paid... It was Magic the Gathering... I had done some importing/sales of pokemon in the day, but never knew how many kids were into CCG. ... Started importing to sell eye balling any big toy scores...

I got a job working for free (I got store credit) at the late, not so create, comic book store at the Salisbury Mall. I used this as a learning experience on what products sell and how to understand the desire for certain items such as toys/statues/comics. I took the products I earned working there and started my toy selling online. This was back in like...2003ish.

Q: What makes you happy?
A: Random people I don't know on the street asking me how i'm doing... Gives me hope that I'm not the only nice guy out there!!!

Q: What makes you sad?
A: People who spend more time complaining about how horrible their life is without actually doing anything to fix it!

Q: What is your favorite toy?
A: ... I dunno. I don't personally collect alot of items, I mostly just sell... Not really toys but some of my 'prized possessions that have no price...well, no LOW price' would be... My Yoda bean bag pillow, my M&M coffee mug, my Scrooge McDuck christmas ornament... That is all I can think of right now.

Q: Can I have free stuff?
A: Get a job hippie!

... That's all for now... I thought there was more questions, but that's all I have in my emails. Anything else you want to know? Ask!

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