Thursday, August 7, 2008

Shocker Toys on Jay Leno! NRFB Reviews! THE MAXX!!! MTV I miss you!

REALLY COOL NEWS for...someone I know. But i'm excited by apoxy!

Shocker Toys was semi featured on Jay Leno. Leno was coving a comic-con and you could see their stand in the background. I'm hoping they get a cut of that footage, be a cool advertisement.

Ok, so WHO are these guys? My favorite indy toy company! They have a great concept of making these little 'blank template' called Shockini figures that come with stickers, attachable body parts, multi colors, and so much more to basically make your OWN FIGURE! They are real easy to paint too. I'm going to order a case of them just so I can show you on a video!!!

Cool huh? They sell them for $8 with realistic s/h! Unfortunately, they are so awesome, they sell out of everything pretty fast. So is this all they do? NO! They have done the most incredible figure of the MAXX. Remember, the big purple/yellow guy from MTV? They have VERY LIMITED left (1/500 if I remember) from the San Diego Comic Con. ... I want one. I told myself, no more buying until I SELL what I got already, HAHA! Click on the MAXX and BUY the maxx! (only $30!!! That's insane)

They have one final itme left over from the SDCC which is a limited/exclusive set of... Dethklok! (only $80)

For those out of the loop, Dethklok is a METAL BAND that exists...sort of. They perform on the internet, and also featured on the Adult Swim show Metalocalypse. Check out the wikipedia entry, compare the details, it's a great job by Shocker Toys!

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