Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I'm back! Miss me?

Ok, so I was doing daily review for a week plus then disappeared? Was an experiment. I posted the same exact information and posts on a dozen different blog services, then left them for a few months. I wanted to see who kept the highest google rank with the same keywords and compare against ease of use.

If you reading this, then you are on one I liked, haha! I think i'm mainly focusing on blogspot ( and should point there). It was in the top 3 for ranking, plus gives me lovely control with tags/labels, real easy GUI for revamping my template, plus very easy to add javascripts and WIDGETS...i love widgets.

I'm going to get back to regular text reviews the next hour! Plus I've started my ONLINE VIDEO BLOGS of toy reviews. Right now, just messing with options, finding good lighting, etc, but I am posting a few to see what service has the most interest in what I'm doing. I'm hitting YOUTUBE, Break, and Revver so far. I'm not too concerned about $ off videos, it's more to market my ebay store and make a few extra sales...oh and friends...with money... *LAUGH* Later peoples!

Nothing else...but BLOGSPOT/BLOGGER doesn't have a HANDY thing like LJ-CUT so I had to edit template, and now it has a cut...but it shows up on EVERY blog wether you want or not... Eh, worst case, i'll just show you my widget!

Star Wars Videos