Sunday, August 17, 2008

GI JOE! The movie, the all american hero, the ALL NEW ACTION FIGURES!

When I heard there was a G.I. Joe movie coming out, I got excited. Then I heard they were going to make it POLITICALLY CORRECT. No longer would it be the all american hero. It was going to be... Global Intelligence Justice Operational Enama...or something like that.

If you think of the original series, you had all races/colors/credes together fighting against evil. Even the evil guys had a wide range of ethnic... You had the Russian...the German... ... ok, this was all based around WHAT WAR? Of course we know who is good/bad in the cartoon. But now due to SENSITIVITY and someone somewhere might see something that offends themselves, we have to remake. I heard Gung Ho isn't even going to look like a Village People throw back!

So needless to say, wasn't too excited. THEN I saw the line up. Brendan Fraser is going to be in just for the heck of it (AS GUNG HO)... Ray Park as Snake Eyes (YES), Arnold Vosloo (the MUMMY from the MUMMY...same director), Channing Tatum (so far the most military looking of the cast), and...get this... Joseph Gordon-Levitt as COMBRA COMMANDER. The kid from Third Rock from the Sun.

Whatcha think?

It's the new thing. You had Topher Grace as Venom, Heath Ledger (*MISS*) as an INCREDIBLE Joker (Heath and Joseph starred together in "10 Things I Hate About You", with Julia Styles, who should have TOTALLY been the Baroness)... The pretty boy villian has made a come back.

Ok, so this is becoming a movie review... Let me go onto the TOYS!

G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary Action Figures Wave 9 Revision 1

Currently on the list is Wild Bill, Lt. Torpedo, Hawk, Bazooka, Barbeque, Storm Shadow Black, Snow Serpent, BAT... Problem? Past Hawk (Dennis Quiad in movie), I don't think ANY OF THESE GUYS will be in the movie. You have a movie coming out...and you are bringing out no names to celebrate the 25th anniversary? WTF! Maybe it's just the advertiser in me, but, well, i like to make money. This is not a money maker.

Yea, not impressed... they are releasing like 20 waves of different figures in the hope of Pokemon-ing, but I just don't see it happening. Transformers tried the same thing and those things are still covering the Walmart shelves. BUT just so you have something NICE to look at, here is one of the cooler GI Joe items coming out in time for christmas.

G.I. Joe Mighty Muggs Vinyl Figures Wave 1

Yea...Wave 1... I could do 3 waves of these, NO MORE DANG IT! ... Combra Commander is cute... Just need a small Ty puppie for him to kick. ... *snickers* Laterz folks!

OH! And Check out all these Mighty Muggs that are ALREADY OUT! Great for all ages, display and play!


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... There are no words.

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Kick the puppy!

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