Saturday, March 14, 2009

Collectable glasses from Welch's, Tom and Jerry and DINOSAURS!

Don’t Welch on this deal!!

Oh yess! I found these drinking gems on and I immediately needed a PB & J like Mommy used to make.

What’s so exciting about glasses you ask?

Well, years ago (and do mean a few million years.. arount like 1984/85 million B.C) caveman made crude drawings on their cave drinking ware. Think of it as ancient Starbucks!

Archaeologist from Welch’s later unearthed, restored, cleaned, then filled and sealed these glasses with grape and strawberry jelly. It wasn’t just a jelly storage device, but also one of the coolest ways to make a kid want PB & J for every meal, just so the could drink with the prehistoric awesomeness of the Stegosaurus.

And it wasn’t just the big Steggysore that got to be immortalized in sweet grape filled history.

The classic duel of mouse versus cat was immortalized as well..

That’s right!! Tom and Jerry were immortalized in sugar laden glory and played their hijinks on breakfast and lunch tables everywhere. You can find both these sets of immortalized, dishwasher safe sweet jellified goodliness at
Mmm wow.. I gotta go call Mom.. I wanna sammitch..


Anonymous said...

Oh that's awesome. My husband LOVES collectible glasses. Our "everyday drinkers" are mostly Smurfs ones, but he's also got some random stuff like Garfield, Winnie The Pooh, and a bunch of comic book stuff. I'll have to remember to point him over here later.

NRFBToyStore said...

Missing any smurfs? I hit a estate auction with like 400 collectible glasses. Wizard of Oz, Star Wars, Alvin and the Chimpmunk (kept a set for myself...but forgot I had them in a bag...and squished them), Smurfs, Garfield, and a ton of looney Tunes. I sold most real fast... I have roughly 60 glasses left I think which I'm slowly listing.

The dino's an tom & jerry were a test subject, see what kind of interest I got. is my main site, links direct to my ebay store. Laterz!

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