Monday, March 9, 2009

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I was looking for someone to blog for me. My primary site is a "Toy Review" site. I need articles that focus on 2-4 product/product lines at a time, 600-800 word average per articles with picture links. You can see the site at . I am working on the template in the next few weeks to make things 'prettier', but I am so busy with my work to keep up content on the site. I basically need someone to...check google trends for hot keywords related with TOYS, then research the toy, cut/paste a short description from manufacture, then type up 1 paragraph of a 'personal opinion' of the toy, along with another paragraph of 'why you/your kids would want this toy'. ... Also my ebay store is, which any products I have listed on there would also be great to write articles about.

I'd probably buy 3-10 articles at a time, then just save/list them every few days. If the articles get a decent response, that means my revenue will increase, which means I'll be willing to spend more money on of economics :). I am checking out a few different people, so if you have interest, give me a quote on a 'per article' basis, what kind of discount you'd offer if I purchased bulk (say 6 articles at a time), and what kind of turn around time you would offer. I'd be willing to start this job as early as next week. Have a great day!

Email price quote and sample work to -

That is all! HEH!

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