Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Better than a Chinese finger trap...unless drunk!!! (happy St Patricks day)

And tons more addictive. The most geometrically plain toy, but a favorite that remains through the ages. It’s a toy, a puzzle, a frustration, and for some a lifelong goal.

Yes!! This iconic simple 3 x 3 block can completely boggle your mind!

Go search your junk drawer, your old kids stuff, or your office desk, you probably have one somewhere. The solution to this age old riddle is .. Oh wait I wouldn’t want to spoil it for you, but.. never fear the Rubik’s official website can help you, so mess one up, get stumped, and before you do like the rest of us and just move the little stickers, check there. WWW.Rubiks.com . And for those of you who got a old cube that needs a facelift (or you ‘solved’ it too many times.. mmhmm that’s why it’s all sticky and the colors look a little crooked..)

They sell the Rubiks replacement sticker kit. They also sell customizable sticker sheets as well as cube blocks to design and make your own cube. So you could have your own company cube, family photo cube,

So, your thinking, “oh those were the days, but what has Rubik done for me lately?” Well..
So you mastered the old classic cube and you want a challenge?

HA! No this is not a joke, you haven’t been staring at it so long your seeing things.. As if a 3x3 cube wasn’t frustrating enough, they have the 4x4 and 5x5 versions, along with lots of promo images!

So, think cubes are nice but you want to think out of the box?
that’s right! The Rubicks Brain Racker, even the description on the Rubicks Official Website is rather vague on this one..
--A combination of numeration and triangular shapes make this puzzle a true test of concentration and wits. With three games in one puzzle, the Rubik's Brainracker® provides a challenge of creating shapes and color schemes as well as the ultimate challenge of creating a Sudoku® having 12 shells. Rubik's Brainracker® will challenge and surprise you with its many combinations. But most of all, you'll have fun testing your skills and applying your own strategies as you solve the latest Rubik's brainteaser puzzle. ---

And if you think Rubik can’t embrace the electronic age.. guess again! They even have ..the Rubik USB Stick!! Never leave the office without it. Each usb stick is 1 GB of Rubick styles blockittude

Combine origami and Rubik.. you geta Twist Limited puzzle, complete with it’s own instruction book, and an awesome looking collector style package..

Is that enough for you? ... NO? DEAR LORD! You are just never happy, are you? ... Ok! There is a SLEW of odd rubiks on eBay also. Sadly, I sell none of them (but I did just buy a Rubik's snake...I loved the one I had when I was a kid!!!). But here is a few quick 'odd ones' for you!

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