Saturday, January 5, 2008

Hang this from your tree!!!

I hit a great toy auction today! Picked up a ton of items!!! Will be posting them soon on my ebay store, but there is over 200 some items...Star Wars, STar Trek, TV guides, a few comics, and some REALLY awesome Batman figures.

I will review items I bought tomorrow...Let's review the items I LOST at auction! Here is my top 3 Ornaments (toyish related)!!! Great thing is, after christmas, click on the pictures to grab these items CHEAP!!!

Hallmark makes the best ornaments! Plus, they worked with the design, having Batman 'hanging on' to the tree! This is the 1994!

"Where's the KABOOM?!" ... That is all. (Hallmark 1996)

2005 Hallmark! Again, the design works with the fact that it will be hanging. This new coloring they have on their Spiderman ornament really sticks out, specially with a white tree!

Yea, I know, I should have posted this 3 weeks back, HAHAHA! Later peeps!

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