Friday, January 4, 2008

Be a bratty star! ...

My Opinion (the only one that matters) = Ok, it's Bratz...the concept I never really liked. And the pets look like they were put through the washing machine, and dried in the microwave... BUT...the outfits are a very nice design, the least 'slutty' Bratz outfits i've seen. ... And that's all i have to say!

The gorgeous Bratz girls are now starring in their very movie and are centre of attention wherever they go. Luckily they have all been pampered top to toe and dressed to the nines so they are all ready for their big film premiere and that red carpet appearance. The collection features the four original characters Cloe, Yasmin, Jade and Sasha and each one has their own style and glamorous dress to show off.

Each doll comes with a real working camera so you can catch them in action, a mini handbag sparkly like their dress, a stunning jacket and a hair brush in case it's a windy night! The dolls in this Movie Stars collection have much more posable bodies than previous Bratz ranges so they can stop and post for the paparazzi in a number of different positions.

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