Thursday, January 3, 2008

Exo Force... Legos meet Manga!

They didn't just make LEGOS...they made a complete world when they came out with this set. The Legos Exo Force Collection!

The story was actually very good. Your basic future where humans had great technology, and evil robots rebel...action ensues! The story arc followed the humans learning to use their 'battle machines' to combat the evil robots. Each person had a strong japanese name with meaning behind it and the sets you could build had cool names like Thunder Fury (pictures to the left) or Fire Vulture! One of my favorite features was...COMBINING MECHS! Certain mechs could be combined to form larger 'mega' versions! Considuring you had two seperate created, free moving lego MECHS that would form into one with little re-building, I thought that was quiet impressive.

Along with the toys, there was a great protional team involved. Firstly, you had a regular online comic that detailed the happenings of this lego sci fi world. Then, you had a slew of short 2 minutes cartoons shown on primary childrens stations like Nickelodeon! They even commissioned one of the primary designs of the Macross anime series to design combination models. These are hard to find now adays, but check around online to see what you can dig up!

"Time to Power Up!"

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