Sunday, January 6, 2008

Danger Girls Fish Tank LIMITED Edition set!

These three ladies have a brand-new sculpted base, and are available in this light-up collector's "fish tank" display case. Set includes Abbey Chase, Sydney Savage, and Natalia Kassle, each with a weapon and multiple points of articulation.

Yes...fishtank... You could literally put a fish in this thing, ok? It is the coolest action figure box EVER!!! The team at McFarlane had such a awesome idea! The figures themselves are perfectly detailed Danger Girl. ... My beta would LOVE to be in there, HEHE!

This is one of the fun items I found at auction. One of many I shall be showing you, ENJOY!

How do you like my advertising? Google adwords and adsense annoy me, adbrite is good in THEORY but it has such HORRIBLE loading time. Projectwonderful is fun. Those are the buttons on top with skyscaping banners on the right. It's really NO money...I mean, maybe $.50 a day even with 3000 views a day... But it advertises alot of indy online comics and/or clothes shops. Not major money, but it's content related...

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