Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Transformers 2 the Movie causes toy Economy to rise!

I'm sorry, but while the new 'recetion' has hit, my toy sales have tripled. Why? The warm fuzzy me likes to think, that no matter how hard things are, people want to make sure their kids have something cool to play with... ... but I know I'm probaly selling to all those bail out CEO's that always wished they could have a complete 1981 diecast Voltron NRFB... ... But whatever you finances, this is a money maker here. Lots of new transformer toys BUT the movie isn't out for almost 4 months. Buy now, sell later!!! Trust me!

I kinda like this thought...I could give you my 'guess' on what products are going to be popular/valuable in the future. like a stock picker...except with a product that goes UP in value...

Not wanting to BOG you down with too much information, so let's just start with one...the big one...that's right, MEGATRON! This awesome figure is cheap now but probaly be selling close to $80-$90 come mid June! If you see for under <$40, buy and save!

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