Monday, February 2, 2009

What goes down stairs and forms the head? Click for my top 5 toys!

OK! I"M DONE! That inventory took longer then I thought... So now, onto the toys? Any requests for reviews? ... I'm trying to think back. I have been asking people lately "What toy did you play with growing up?"...and I had the hardest time thinking an answer for myself. I had alot of toys, but mostly simple things... SO! Here is a list of MY favorite toys growing up! 5? I like top 5's!

#5 - Slinky - It's Slinky, it's slinky! Fun for a girl AND a boy...

I had the classic metal. I use to jump rope with that. THat's how REAL MEN jumproped, hehehe! I hated stairs...fell down them alot. But I would love having that slinky jump step per step...but if that slinky ever STOPPED mid way, it would ruin your WHOLE DAY!

Now you have metal, plastic, rubber, glow in the dark!!!

4 - Construx - The ultimate is plastic bars that hook into little blue things...

Am I the only one that played with these? It was the 'sophisticated' legos, cause, legos were for little kids!!! :) Ok, I had both. This was great because it was alittle bigger, mostly grey which added a 'robitic' feel to EVERYTHING. I use to make replica swords, primarily Thundercats. It heald up pretty good when used as a weapon too!

They had a ton of expansions but I just built my own ideas.

#3 - Weird purple grappling hook looking thing... It looked put a purple 'ninja star' with a rope on it, i think red rope. It looked... GI Joe-ish. I dunno what it went with, probaly got at a ard sale. It had a good 6 foot rope on it. Anything I could throw that on and grapple, I did. It was my secondary weapon when using a Construx sword!

#2 - Voltron - AND I"LL FORM THE HEAD!

I so loved this toy... I NEVER had one thou...but my friend did, and it was so cool. They all connected into a full size Voltron, then the sword and shield...and the head launched at a VERY high velocity that you could use to take out your enemies with! ... I once found an original 1981 die cast new in box at yard sale for $15, resold for $100 by next day... I was sad but, that's good profit!

1 - Pacman handheld Arcade Cabinet

I use to straight hussle guys at the laundry met at pacman, used the money to pay for the wash! My mother got tired of me bugging for quarters so she bought me a C64 with a pacman cartridge, and that started my computer addiction at age 5.

This is a picture of the one I had, but they had a ton of different variants! This one I've seen around $100 even on ebay. One day i'll find one cheap...and play it... ... then sell it!

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