Saturday, April 18, 2009

Want to get some free toys? Know how to photoshop?

Hi there! As usual, I am trying to advance the quality of the items I sell and need some help. I came up with a quick measuring tool for my miniatures and realised that it could be useful for a variety of toys!!! I have a quick job for someone...if you have avid photoshop and math skills, and would like some FREE TOYS, click for more.

Ok. Basically I want to combine these sorta...

I don't want SKELETONS thou. I want TOYS! I think if you use the full width of the paper you could put 5 rulers. First a 1" army man, a 2" Lego figure, next a classic 4.5" GI Joe, next 7" Marvel Legends, finally a 9" Star Trek maybe? If only room for 4, cut out army man. Sizes are rough estimate but you know what I mean. My logo/font on top and look "pretty". I don't want too many colors to distract from what i'm taking pictures of. That image I have there is actually like 6" just cause I wanted to scaled to view. Simple issue of using a ruler in your photo editor and draw a line across for each inch from 1-8".

If anyone wants the job...well, let's make it fun! Make it up, submit it via comment, and if I choose your entry you will get a $15 certificate to use at or a $5 gas card! ... That's all I got handy :). Enjoy!

This is what I made...and I like it alot more then I thought I would... Anyone else have some ideas? Let's see em!


NRFBToyStore said...

Ok, got bored and did it myself. I like it! ... I would still like to see work from others thou. I could alternate backdrops with different figures/characters/samples in the backround! ruler 1.jpg

Jeff said...

Toys for children and scarves for mom.

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