Sunday, September 13, 2009

Updates, where you go? #Dragoncon 2009 baby!

Ok, disappeared for 3 months, as usual. I was finishing out a marketing contract which was taking close to 70 hours a week to deal, no time to update. With the holidays coming up, I am here to stay! Updates to start...later today! :)

The big thing is Dragoncon 2009, I went, I saw, I developed new fetishes. Want to hear my review?

So where to begin? I think with some pros and cons.


  1. Steampunk revolution everywhere!
  2. Tons of people doing Thriller dance and breaking the record
  3. The long beard Star Trek panel guy!
  • Felicia Day... (Just looked at website...she has glasses pic!!! *bites lip*) Claudia Christian
  • All the music...Voltaire (and being beat up with a stuffed animal by the master goth), Abney Park, Marc Gunn (Kilted for her Pleasure), Bedlam Bards, MC Chris... If you watch the MC Chris Nrrrrdgirl Video and find it describes you, or you look like the girls in the video, please contact me ASAP so I can begin worshipping you!
  • Who you gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS! ... I own but havn't done NOTHING with it. BLEH! So many ghostbusters, I think like 20-30 in the parade, including female Ghostbusters and some GORGEOUS decked at Janine Melnitz cosplay!
  • My "Bam said the Lady" campaign for Toys for Tots was HUGE! I expected to get 20 or so pictures, call it a day...I ended up carrying in the entire con, getting videos of people holding a Cheeta saying "Bam said the Lady". More on this when I figure out how to edit videos! :)
  • Barry Bostwick calling as all f*ckers at the start of Rocky Horror!
  • Sparkley Vampire Jokes on EVERY DAMN PANEL
  • Natalie almost taking out Shatner with some beads, Shatner called her "Violent"
  • Froggy Photos getting their just-deserts
  • Harley Quinns... Original, Arkham Nurse outfits, Zombie Quinn...and my favorite, a 50's style Harley Quinn on a lovely girl named Sunny! Was totally my favorite costume (see below, somewhere).
  • Free Shrugs Man...$1 for Deluxe Shrugs (it was worth it)
  • 5 Hour energy shots, Vitamin Gummies, the Farmers Market sauteed honey chicken in Peachtree Center food court (this was my diet for 5 days).
  • Cons of the Con -

    1. Steampunk cosplayers were 'snoody', cause they are in the 'trendy genre'.
    2. 9/10 Dragoncon staff telling you to get into line, only 1/10 knowing WHERE the line is for you to get into!
    3. Rocky Horror Picture show... Some drunk guy was going row to row, SCREAMING in peoples faces what he thought was the FUNNIEST comebacks...he personally cleared out at least 300 people
    4. Waiting in like 3 hours to go to Rocky Horror!!!
    5. Crazy zombie girl that cut in line for Claudia Christian while I was trying to find out WHERE the line was...she started screaming at me "No cuts, back of the line" which insued a MOB mentality of everyone screaming at me...she managed to get a seat a whole row infront of me, but is going to get b*tched by my Karma :)
    6. Froggy Photos not supporting charities like Toys for Tots...then making us sit around for 5 hours to get a picture that Natalie basically had to crop/print herself
    7. Sheraton Hotel 2 blocks away...they claimed there would be shuttles, I saw no shuttles! ... Only 5 minute walk, but when you have -5 minutes between panels plus 2 hours lines, every second counts.
    8. Star Trek karaoke, with everyone singing Elton John songs AS William Shatner... I never wanna hear Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds AGAIN! ... Ok, I never wanted to hear it before this either, but now I don't want to hear it on whole new levels!
    9. Bus route to my hotel ran from 6am-9pm, all the good music happend at midnight or later!
    10. >
    11. All the guys at CON wearing a Charlie Brown yellow shirt with zig zag stripe and not a SINGLE ONE was bald. Come on... That was beyond lazy!

    Things I learned for Next Year -

    1. Stay in a local hotel so you can change clothes and go dancing, instead of carrying survival pack with you non stop.
    2. Wear a sign that tells girls to kiss you...THEY WILL!

    Probaly more, I will update/repost this once I clear the rest of my head out! Was definately a great vacation...

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